Being an Irish singer born in London, Shirley addresses issues of trauma,manipulation and turmoil, in an attempt to cut through the noise with her music and songs.   Her influences range from Kate Bush,Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen, Sinead O'Connor, PJ Harvey, Bob Dylan,and many more. She was also influenced by her mother's love for country music and dancing, and her father's love for Irish traditional music and storytelling.

From a young age, Shirley played Irish music, which she also inherited from her family in County Kerry.  Her grandfather beng an avid fiddle player and story teller, where she spent a lot of her early childhood. 

She was born in London to Irish parents and returned to Ireland aged 2 years.

Shirley started writing lyrics as a teenager and began learning the guitar to save her melodies.

She completed a two year songwriting course with the Songwriting Academy of London in 2023 in an effort to hone her songwriting craft.  Since then, Shirley has written and recorded a number of tracks to release an EP/Album in 2024. 

Her first single‘Ice Queen' was released on the 17th January 2024, with her second single ‘Safety Deposit Box’ released on the 21st February Shirley's third single called ‘Baby Blue’ inspired by the continuing genocide in Gaza is set for release on the 12th April next.  All three songs produced by multiplatinum songwriter and producer Paul Statham.  

Shirley will also be performing live at the Cosmic Gardens Festival in Inagh, County Clare on Saturday the 15th June 2024.






Photo - Gig at Charlie Malones Limerick, November 2023.

Videos for singles coming soon.


Songs include:-


Ice Queen


Baby Blue (song for Palestine)


Safety Deposit Box 


Our Leaders are Sleepomg


Feed Me


Like Strangers

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