Interview with Duwyne Duzzy Clayton, Fanbase Magazine, South Africa

Ladies and Gentleman, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you, one of the best musicians to come out of Ireland since The Cranberries, I first became aware of Shirley Callaghan when she sent me her music to play on my radio show, I was captivated by the first song namely Ice Queen, her voice was just so mesmoerizing and inspiring that took me on musical journey, I offered her to send me another track, but in my head I had sheepsihly made my mind up that Ice Queen was going to be my favorurite track from her, well, after hearing her latest single Safety Deposite Box, I was then torn between the two tracks of which one is my favoutrite, one is as good as the other and equally are great tracks. I am im in love with them both and cannot wait to hear what else comes out from this awesome muscian. 

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