From the recording Our Leaders are Sleeping

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Our Leaders are Sleeping

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They're starting wars
We are looking on
Blood and tears
Fill up our rivers

How can he go so low

Oh the sky is on fire
Dictators conspire
To crush our desires
Our Leaders are sleeping
Our Leaders are sleeping

No freedom of the press
Trigger happy
Who calls this success

He doesn’t know
Where he supposed to be
He lies on national TV

Oh we line up denial
Enjoying our freedom
In the midst of war crimes
Our Leaders are sleeping
Our Leaders are stalling

We get in line to quench the fire
Go to sleep I'll switch the light off
Our leaders are hiding behind a red line
Behind a red line
Where's the red line

Oh in our world secrets
You act like you mean it
Looks like we’ve been dreaming
Our Leaders are sleeping

Oh they send us a hero
One that we can follow
The empire is falling
Our Leaders are sleeping